2021+ Ram TRX Stage 2 Package

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If more power is what you want along with a better exhaust sound then the stage 2 package for the new Ram TRX is exactly what you need. We have seen time and time again this package does nothing but perform amazingly on the 6.2L and you won't want to miss out!


This package includes 

  • Cornerstone TRX Muffler Delete- CPS-TRX-MD
  • AFE Drop In Air Filters- AFE30-10401DM
  • JLT Catch Can- JLT-3071P-B
  • Mishimoto Thermostat- misMMTS-JED-06L
  • RIPA TUNED Incognito Pulley- 


Special Note

* This kit requires no additional tuning but to get the most out of your modifications we do recommend seeking a reputable tuner.*