Oct 28th 2021

WeatherTech has become synonymous with protective vehicle accessories, but what they really want to be known for, well beyond their quality products, is being an AMERICAN company. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, WeatherTech designs, engineers, manufactures, tests, and ships their products and are committed to exceeding customer expectations with their products and the culture of their company.

Utilizing equipment, materials, and services sourced in the USA, the engineers, industrial designers, and R&D specialists work tirelessly to design new quality products with the best fit for your vehicle. Each product begins with measuring and reverse engineering vehicle geometry including floors, cargo areas, window openings, and fenders. Next is over to the CAD and CAM software to construct and transmit to a virtual 3D platform to virtually test the product and analyze its design, surfaces, and margins. Then the product goes into production.

WeatherTech notes in its mission that it is not only committed to bringing quality, durable products to its consumers, but by leading by example. First off, they are dedicated to being and remaining an American company and utilizing American materials and services to create and manufacture their products. Second, WeatherTech is committed to a healthy and sustainable environment by controlling their waste and recycling ALL unused raw materials, including, but not limited to, aluminum, steel, rubber, TPO, TPE, paper, and cardboard. Lastly, this is a company with a heart that supports the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine’s research into and treatment of pets fighting cancer.

The support of this veterinary school’s research stemmed from the story of Scout, the golden retriever mascot you see in almost all of the WeatherTech commercials. Scout was diagnosed with cancer in July of 2019. Scout began his chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments, a week later at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine (UV SVM). He fought long and hard, but passed away in March of 2020. Since WeatherTech started their “Pets Make A Difference Fund” which supports cancer research and animal health at UW SVM through expenditures like, but not limited to, equipment, research, faculty, and other beneficial treatment expenses.

WeatherTech not only has the protective aftermarket vehicle accessories you are looking for, made right here in the USA, but a heart and dedication to leadership for a better economy, environment, and veterinary care.