Founded in 1973, the EGR Group is a world-class designer and manufacturer of precision engineered solutions marketed through two Strategic Divisions – Automotive and Building and Commercial Products.

We expect innovation, both in the products we produce, and in the way we operate. We cultivate craftsmanship, preserving skills learned over generations. Most of all, though, we believe in the importance of manufacturing.

Manufacturing is the foundation of our economies, and our societies. It defines a nation’s inclusion into the developed world. It creates stable employment, and welcomes all within its ranks. It is the start of the supply chain for everything, from health care and construction, to energy and defense.

Whatever the shape of tomorrow’s economy, manufacturing will always be its foundation. It’s value – to our communities, to our lives, and to our identities – cannot be overstated.

At EGR, we’re proud to be a manufacturer.

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